The collection “Printed publications” includes over 5,000 museum items. Its chronological framework covers the period from the end of the 17th century to the present day. The collection includes books and brochures, newspapers and leaflets, prospects and posters.

The first issue of the collection was the Emergency Issue of the periodical “Lugansk leaflet” containing the text of the abdication of Nicholai and Mikhail Romanov (March 4, 1917) which came from Slonim Historical and Local History Museum in 1953.

It is necessary to highlight a group of old printed books in the collection which consists of 8 units. Among them are the pearl of the collection “Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1588” (in Polish) published in 1694 in Vilna. This is the third edition of the code of feudal laws, which acted on the territory of the GDL in the Rzecz pospolita since 1589.

Among the old printed books there are two editions of the second half of the XVIII century: “A Brief Russian chronicle with genealogy. Composition of M.V. Lomonosov “(published at the Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1760) and “Church Dictionary” by Archpriest Alekseev P.A. (published at the Imperial Moscow University in 1773).

Leaflets and newspapers are most widely represented in the collection (about 1000 units). They were published on the territory of Baranovichi region when it was occupied by Nazi troops by Baranovichi clandestine organizations. In 1957 223 original copies of these newspapers and leaflets were transferred to the museum’s funds by Perelman B.Ya., the head of the printing house of the newspaper “The Chyrvona Zvyazda”.

The Russian-language publications include mainly books of the late XIX – early XX (before 1917). These are textbooks for gymnasiums and fiction (works of Tolstoy L.N., Krylov I.A., Tyutchev F.I.). Periodical printing of this period introduces the separate issues of the following journals: “Iskra” (1916), “Otechestvennye zapiski” (1872), “Nature and People” (1914 and 1915), “Niva” (1915), “The Past” (1906).

The period of 1921-1939 (Western Belarus as well as Baranovichi is a part of Poland) is represented by fiction and periodicals. For example, selected works by Mitskevych A. (poem “Dzyady”, “Pan Tadeusz”, “Ballads and romances” etc.), magazines with the articles about the city such as “Tygodnikillustrowany” (1922), “Swiat” (1922).

The collection includes separate issues of newspapers: “Baranovichi kurjer” (1932, 1939, the newspaper was published in Yiddish in 1921-1939 for the Jewish population of Baranovichi), “KURJER WILENSKO-NOWOGRODZKI” (1935) “KURJER NOWOGRODZKI” (1932).

The book “Baranovichi” (in Hebrew and Yiddish) published in 1953 in Tel Aviv (Israel) can be considered the rarity of this collection which carries extensive information on the history of Baranovichi and tells about the development of the city and its cultural life.

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