The collection “Postcards” contains 310 museum deposits. It started its formation in 1955 with the appearance of four postcards of the beginning of the XX century. The postcards depict the sights of Baranovichi. The collection is presented by postal cards, congratulation postcards made of paper and pasteboard in different techniques: typographical printing, photo printing, and drawing.

It is possible to single out a separate and rather diverse group of postcards with the sights of Baranovichi, published in different periods. Some of them date back to the beginning of the XX century, when the Belarusian land is the part of the Russian Empire; others – to the period of German occupation during the years of World War I (1920 – 1930s), when Western Belarus is the part of Poland. Most of them is released by the local publishers– Litvak M. and Rabinovich M. The postcards depict central streets of the city, monuments, buildings and constructions, educational establishments, picturesque sights of the city outskirts.

Most of them are made in the photo type technique which means that they reproduce photos of unknown authors. Kurt Arendt’s hand-drawn cards are extremely attractive. They were issued by the publishing house “German military newspaper in Baranovichi” in 1915-1918.

In addition to postcards with the views of Baranovichi, in 1984 the collection was enriched with postcards with the views of Grodno, Minsk, Slonim, Stolbtsy, Novogrudok at the beginning of the XX century. They were released in the publishing houses of Vizun D. and Fialko A. in Vilno. There are two postcards of the publishing house of the Polish Local History Society (Novogrudok department).

In the 2000s the museum collection received two sets of postcards of the publishing house “Art” 1939-1940s with the reproduction of portraits of the members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the VKP (B.) and with the reproduction of Stalin’s portraits (artists: Brodsky I.I., Gerasimov A.M., Modorov F.A., Magalashvili K.). The museum also got post cards from the series “Partisans of Belarus in the Great Patriotic War” issued by the publishing house “Soviet Artist” in 1947. Typographical reproductions of the honored Artist of the BSSR F.A. Modorov’s picturesque works (1890-1967) are depicted on the cards. There is one more series of postcards of the same publishing house “To the 25th anniversary of the pioneer organization” (1947).

In recent years the collection has been supplemented with greeting cards published in Soviet times: “The 1st of May”, “The Victory Day”, “Happy New Year”, “Merry Christmas”, “The 8th of March”, “Happy Birthday” etc. The greeting cards issued in 1992 by Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Belarus in the Belarusian language deserve special attention.

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