This collection is the largest in the museum collection and has over 9,000 museum items (21% of the total number of items in the main fund). It presents story and specific photographs, portraits and group shots. The collection includes: photographs (over 5000 items), photographic negatives (over 3,000 units), photo albums (51 items), slides (over 100 units), photocopies (405 units), microfilms (21 units).

The collection was formed in various ways. Photos came from professional photographers (Gershik I.S., Ogurtsov V.I., Tolkachev S.N., Pyatkov S.A., Krapivin M.M.) and from photographers of the city newspapers “ZnamiaCommunisma”, “Tekstilschik”, “Nash kraj” (Koktysh E.F., Kobyak E.S., Perehod A.F., Sapego I.I., Yakovenko V.P., Kashko M., Novogran B.M.) and also were transmitted by private people.

The first photographs recorded in the Book of Receipts were received from Slonim Historical and Local History Museum in 1953. These are photographs of Tsaryuk V.Z. in the concentration camp of Beryoza-Kartuzskaya, photos of the Heroes of the Soviet Union Gastello N.F. and Pavlovsky P.I.

Later the collection was formed mainly by thematic complexes. The most valuable in the collection are genuine photos in branded mattresses made in the studio of the photographer Baron G.in the early twentieth century, one of the two Baranovichi photo studios at that time.

There is a small complex of photocopies on the history of the First World War. In the early 1990s the funds of the museum were significantly enlarged with dozens of copies of photographs illustrating the arrivals of the Russian emperor to General Headquarters which was in Baranovichi since the beginning of August 1914.

The bulk of photo albums in the museum collection are albums from the archives of participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War: Berezovsky A.A., Karlova T.I., Raguli I.L. and others. Albums with materials from the private archives of Prokudo-BulygaZh.I., Abrashkevich E., artists of the Folk Theater of the city house of culture, are presented in the collection. One of the latest receipts in 2017was the album “Holy Trinity Church in the village of Volno”. Compiled by the former director of Baranovichi Local History Museum Polikarpov V.K.it raises undoubted interest. The album is dedicated to one of the monuments of sacral architecture of Baranovichi district – the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Volno, built by the architect Glaubitz I. in 1768 in the style of Vilna Baroque.

The greatest number of photos is in the collection of World War II participants, among them are Heroes of the Soviet Union: Sukhomlin I.M., Sinichkin F.M., Pavlovsky P.I., Bulat B.A., Chernyshev V.E., Makhinya P.E., Frolenkov A.G., Holostyakov G.N., Akhmedov M.V., BazhinP.Ya., Lazarev V.R., Nakonechnikov A.G., Zverev V.A., Chekmenev G.A., Lisin I.P. etc. A special place in the collection is occupied by two color photographs taken by Pyatkov S.A, a citizen of our town. They were exhibited at the first competition for the best art photo “You, my Belarus” which took place in Baranovichi Museum of Local History in May 2003 in the framework of the Republican ecological festival “Together into the future”.

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