The collection includes over 160 paintings. Its formation began since 1953 when the work of Rosdzylovskaya Ya.I., a portrait of a twice Hero of the Soviet Union Gritsev S.I. was acquired. In this collection, as well as in the collection “Graphics”, there is a quite diverse set of works by Yadviga Iosifovna Rosdzyalovskaya (1902-1992), an honored cultural worker of Poland, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

Today the collection is mostly represented by the works of famous Belarusian artists. There are works of Belarusian folk artists: Schemelev L.D., Savitsky M.A., Maslennikov P.V., as well as two works of the outstanding artist of Ukraine, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Baidukov A.V.

There is a rich collection of canvases of the members of the BSH: Arakcheev B.V., Asoskov S.V., Gomonov V.K., Sakhnenko V.I., SulkovskyV.Ya., Rodina A.I., Rudchik I.D., Krasovsky E.E., Kharitonenko E.M., Shpartov V.N., Kufko E.S., Faley G.A. and Faley A.A., etc. In the collection there are individual works of the artists of a new generation such as ShkaruboV.K. and Gladkevich V.V.Many of the above-named artists whose works are in the museum collection are recognized masters not only at home but also abroad. The collection presents the only work of B.A. Zaborov, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR in 1962-1980, who emigrated to France in 1981 (“Winter Landscape”, mid-1960s).

A vivid idea of ​​socialist realism in Belarusian art of the 1950s-1970s is given in the paintings created by Tsirlin D.L., Rudchik I.D., Gomonov V.K., Krasovsky E.E., Kharitonenko E.M., Shparartov V.N., Baidukov A.V.

A significant place in the collection is occupied by the works of professional artists, residents of Baranovichi: Shkiri I.V., Maksimtsov K.I. (1919-2004), Romeyko V.P. (1937-2012), Golyak I.A., Shasny D.M.

The works of Baranovichi painter Maksimtsov K.I. are most fully represented (1919-2004). Currently the museum’s funds hold 26 of his paintings and more than 100 graphic sheets that were transferred to the museum by the artist’s family.

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