The collection has over 370 museum items. The first receipts were from Slonim Historical and Local History Museum in May 1953. These are the portraits of the Heroes of Socialist Labor made in pencil: Koloda P.L., Velenko L.N., Dubina V., Kocherga V., MatejkoV., Svetlik N. ,Novik V.

The most valuable are the works of the national artists of Belarus Kashkurevich A.M., Markis O.P. and Poplavsky G.G., the honored artists of Belarus Gugel A.S., Gutiyev N.T., Leytman L.M., Kudrevich R.P., Posledovich A.A and Poplavskaya N.N.

The works of Tikhanovich Ye.N., Tikhanovich V.N. and Tikhanovich G.E. are of considerable interest. They are made in different techniques: etching, linocut, dry needle, sauce. In the collection there are graphic sheets and sketches of the second half of the 1940s – early 1950s. Rosdzyalovskaya Ya.I., an honored cultural worker of Poland, member of the BUA.

The museum also displays the reproductions by I.N.Pavlov (11 works from the series “Old Moscow”) who is a folk artist of the RSFSR (1943), an active member of the USSR Art Academy (1947), a founding father of linocut printing technique in Russia.

The museum keeps 2 reproductions by G.G.Poplavski which are part of the collection “Flaxes of Braslav land” (1982) and 4 reproductions by A.M.Kashkurevich from the series “Partisans” (1969-1970). These are examples of outstanding works of Belarusian printed graphic arts of the 20th century.

In 1980s – 2000 the collection included the drawings and water colours by professional artists who were members of the Belarusian Commonwealth of artists. They were M.L.Belski, P.S.Durchin, A.T.Zaitsev, E.E.Krasovski, V.I.Osipovich, G.A.Falei, A.G.Horoshavtsev. The museum keeps 7 works by Y.I.Khilko, a native of Baranovichi, who heads a chair in Belarusian Academy of arts and is a member of the Belarusian Commonwealth of artists.

In 2016 the museum received a set of graphical works by the participants of the 3rdInternational contest and exhibition of graphic arts and ex-libris “Brest Print Triennale” which took place in Brest in 2015.

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