A dramatized excursion is quite an unusual and extremely stylish way to benefit from leisure. Such a type of the excursion turns the listeners into not only the spectators, but also the direct participants of the described events during the excursion.

A dramatized excursion is a unique combination of an interactive form and a dynamically and emotionally expressed display of the most exciting facts and captivating stories.

Let us imagine…

The year of 1914. World War I has begun. The settlement of Baranovichi, not widely known before, becomes the center of the events on the whole territory of the Russian Empire. It becomes the very place for the headquarters of the Russian General Staff to be located. The settlement is full of military men who stay in a military camp; high-ranking guests visit the place regularly. As for the ordinary people, they continue solving their everyday problems; visit one another with a slight adjustment for the war.

Mrs. Bregman and her husband live on one of the most bustling streets of the settlement – Maryinskaya Street. Very often, their house appears the place for different people meetings, one of the minor centers of the settlement life. Museum workers invite you to visit Mrs. Bergman, to get acquainted with the hostess, to experience the atmosphere of the century-old events.

You are welcome to a dramatized excursion ‘At Mrs. Bergman’s’. The excursions are organized by reservation. Contact us: 80163 421524.

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