The collection “Documents” is one of the largest in the collection of Baranovichi Museum of Local History and has over 2,900 museum items. It presents the most diverse documents in Belarusian, Russian, Polish, French, German and Latin languages​of the late XIX – early XXI century: certificates, order books, mandates, gratitudes, diplomas, certificates, school certificates, passports and work books, socialist obligations, deputy, invitation and Komsomol tickets, characteristics, etc.

Systematic acquisition of the collection began in 1953. The first documents were the materials of Tsaryuk VZ. (1899-1957), one of the leaders of the partisan movement in Baranovichi region during the Great Patriotic War.

The earliest document dates back to 1888. This is a ticket for military service, which was issued to the scorer Grigory Andreevich Ostrog, a resident of Svetilovichi village of Novomyshsky volost, and discharged to the reserve after serving in the 6th battery of the 2nd Grenadier Brigade (Kaluga, August 17, 1888).

Many interesting sources on the history of education of Baranovichi have also survived: passports, certificates, certificates of praise, letters of credit, test books, as well as student tickets of students of Baranovichi State Teachers’ Institute.

Inventory of property, identity cards, passport books give evidence of the situation in Belarus during the First World War. The museum’s collections also contain documents on the history of Western Belarus (1921-1939): payment books, land purchase and sale certificates, savings books, receipts of Vilensky Land Bank, insurance policies, school certificates, military certificates, an act on Polish citizenship, etc.

The collection of documents from the period of the Great Patriotic War reflects events on the fronts, the activities of partisan detachments, life in the occupied territories. Orders, certificates, letters of gratitude, order books, soldiers’ books and certificates of war participants are presented in the museum collection. Among them are the documents of the Heroes of the Soviet Union: Holostyakov G.N., Matronina V.I., BazhinB.Ya., Lazarev V.R., Voloshin A.I., Nikitin A.P.

Among the documents of the post-war period special interest is provided by materials on the participation of the residents of Baranovichi and Baranovichi district in the development of virgin and fallow lands, construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

In the collection there are documents of well-known workers of culture: Schensnovich N.I., Karlov T.I., Maksimtsov K.I., Stankevich A.I., Dudarevich I.U., Likhman A.M., Golovastikov G.P., Abrashkevich E.A.

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